Monthly Batch Order Status

This page will be updated with our monthly order status. Please reference this page for updates on the status of your order. If you have any other questions regarding your order, please e-mail us at support [-at-]

April(Batch #2) April 29 May12? Open!
April(Batch #1) April 12 April 28 Closed!
March(Batch #2) March 24 April 11 In Production!
March(Batch #1) March 6 March 23 Completed
February(Batch #1) February 14 March 5 Completed
January(Batch #2) January 28 February 13 Completed
January(Batch #1) January 7 January 27 Completed
December(Batch #2) December 18 January 6 Completed
December(Batch #1) December 1 December 17 Completed
November (Batch #1) NOVEMBER 15 NOVEMBER 30 Completed
October (Batch #2) OCTOBER 28 NOVEMBER 14 Completed
October (Batch #1) OCTOBER 11 OCTOBER 27 Completed
September (Batch #2) SEPTEMBER 26 OCTOBER 10 Completed


April 30, 2022
March Batch #1 – Everything up to March 23th has been shipped. The last few orders should have their tracking updated later today.

March 15, 2022
January Batch #1 – Everything from this batch up to 24967 has been shipped and should be updated with tracking by the end of the day with the exception of 24464 and 24575 which will receive tracking a little later

.January Batch #2 – A large part of these orders, up to 25448 are shipped or will be shipped out coming Monday. We hope to have everything updated with tracking before the end of coming week.

February 27, 2022
December Batch #2 – The remaining orders consisting primarily out of Shimo Hisae Tapestry (And 2 others) from December Batch #2 will be shipped out and updated with tracking coming week.

January Batch #1 – The Majority of Custom prints, Mixed image and 150CM covers and a part of the 160CM covers from January Batch #1 have been shipped out. We expect to have the remainder shipped out and updated before the end of coming week as well.

January Batch #2 – We hope to start shipping covers for January Batch #2 (Up to Feb 13) around March 10th.