This page will be updated with our monthly order status. Please reference this page to know the status of your order. If you have any other questions regarding your order, please e-mail us.

December Order Period: 11/21/17 – 12/20/17 | Status: Order Period Open

November Order Period: 10/21/17 – 11/20/17 | Status: Order Period Closed – Queued for Printing

October Order Period: 9/21/17 – 10/20/17 | Status: Shipping & Re-printing In Progress



12/05/17 – #1772, #1791, #1808 and #1812 Still need to be updated with their tracking number.

12/01/17 – The defects for the October period are reprinted and send to the forwarder for shippping. We hope to have the tracking number for them in 2-3 days.

11/26/17 – All orders from the October order period that are not listed as defective below (with the exception of #1813) have been updated with a tracking number. If you are not listed below and have not received your tracking number yet, please e-mail us!

11/25/17 – All non-defective orders have been sent to the forwarder to be processed. Due to the Chinese 11/11 event (basically their Black Friday), the forwarder will require more time to process the packages, causing a short delay.

11/23/17 – The following orders contained a defective print and will suffer a small delay as we reprint them: #1755, #1772, #1787, #1788, #1789, #1791, #1795, #1799, #1803, #1808, #1812, #1823, #1827, #1830, #1837, #1846, #1854, #1856, #1870, #1885

11/20/17 – Printing has been completed and orders are being checked for defects. Most orders will be shipped by November 21st and (hopefully) will be updated with a tracking number before the end of the week. Orders that contain a defective item will need to be reprinted. We will list the orders affected here as soon as possible.

11/01/17 – Order #1709 and #1746 are the last orders from the September order period that need to have their tracking info released.

10/30/17 – The reprinted defects will be shipped on Tuesday, October 31st and their tracking numbers are expected to be released near the end of the week. The final two non-defective tracking numbers are expected tomorrow as well.

10/27/17 – The following three non-defective orders still need to have their tracking to be released: #1679, #1710, #1750

10/25/17 – Most orders have been send and should be updated with a tracking number this week. The following orders contained a defective product and will be delayed and should be updated next week: #1661, #1666, #1696, #1697 + #1748, #1704, #1709, #1727, #1731, #1741, #1746

10/21/17 – Production of the covers from September has been completed. They will be checked for defects and send out coming week. The orders that contained defective products that need reprinting will suffer 2-3 days delay and will be listed here later.

9/20/17 – Most covers from the August order period have been printed and have passed our quality check. If all the covers in your order have passed, they will be sent to our forwarder and we should have a tracking number in the next couple of days. The few covers that failed quality checking will be reprinted and sent to the forwarder in the following week. Thank you for your patience!