Monthly Batch Order Status

This page will be updated with our monthly order status. Please reference this page for updates on the status of your order. If you have any other questions regarding your order, please e-mail us at support [-at-]

April (Batch #1) APRIL 05 APRIL 14 Open
March (Batch #3) MARCH 25 APRIL 04 Closed
March (Batch #2) MARCH 15 MARCH 24 Queued for printing
March (Batch #1) MARCH 05 MARCH 14 Queued for printing
February (Batch #2) FEBRUARY 26 MARCH 04 Queued for printing
February (Batch #1) FEBRUARY 05 FEBRUARY 25 Majority shipped
January (Batch #3) JANUARY 25 FEBRUARY 04 Completed
January (Batch #2) JANUARY 15 JANUARY 24 Completed
January (Batch #1) JANUARY 06 JANUARY 14 Completed
December (Batch #3) DECEMBER 25 JANUARY 05 Completed
December (Batch #2) DECEMBER 15 DECEMBER 24 Completed
December (Batch #1) DECEMBER 04 DECEMBER 14 Completed


April 04, 2021 – Pretty much all orders up to February 24th are shipped. Due to the illness of our website manager there is a minor delay in updating some tracking information.

March 22, 2021 – Production of all January orders should be completed but unfortunately not everything has been processed by the warehouse yet. All orders containing normal items and custom prints up to February 5 (14360) should be shipped and most will be updated with a tracking number in the next few hours. This does not include mixed covers yet.

We expect to have all mix-matched from January Batch 1, 2 and 3 to be shipped out coming week. A number of orders from February 6th up to February 24th will also be shipped.

March 03, 2021 – All orders up to January 5th (and a few more) have been shipped. A couple of orders are still missing tracking numbers, but those should be updated before the end of the week.

We currently hope to start out shipping orders from our January batches by March 20th.

February 06, 2021 – Almost all custom prints, mixed covers, and 150CM covers up to January 5th (Order #13381) should now be updated with a tracking number. Unfortunately, only about 50% of the 160CM orders were able to be shipped out and will the remainder will be delayed until the after the Chinese New Years holiday.

January 30, 2021 – All custom prints and most mixed orders up to January 5th (Order #13381) have been shipped. These will be updated with a tracking number in the coming week.

Production of all items up to January 5th should be complete and we hope to have them shipped out in the coming week before the Chinese New Year holiday.

January 10, 2021 – Most orders up to December 1st (up to #12329) have been shipped. However, the following orders will have a minor delay due to missing items: #12013, #12056, #12096, #12219.

Most 160CM orders up to December 15th (#12695) have also been shipped. The following orders have a minor delay due to missing items: All orders containing SKU 1039 (Michiru – All Ages), #12562, #12612.

(Update: all missing items have been received.)

The remaining majority of orders should receive a tracking number later today, while another few will be updated in the coming week.

December 18, 2020 – All orders up to November 11th (excluding #11768) should be shipped. Some 150CM covers from October Batch #3 still need to be updated with tracking.

160CM: Covers from November Batch #1 & #2 should ship out next week.

150CM: Covers from November Batch #1 & #2 should complete production next week and are expected to ship out the week after.