Cuddly Commission Service

Is there a character you absolutely need a dakimakura of, but have never been able to find one? Have you ever wanted to commission one of the artists that work for our store? If so, our Cuddly Commission Service might be the answer for you!

So how does the Cuddly Commission Service work? Well, you’ll be allowed to ask a select list of artists of ours to draw a certain character of your choosing. Now, our artists are free to draw (or not draw) whatever characters they like, so if the artist you select says ‘no’ to the character you want, we will not force them to take your request. Additionally, we will allow you to specify certain details in the design process, but the amount of details you are allowed to request will be limited to our (and the artist’s) discretion.

The average cost of most of our contracted artists is around $1,000 for the base fee, with the exception of KyuriTizu who costs a significant amount higher. You will need to contact us directly for further information. Through this process, we will also remain the sole owner of the commissioned work for commercial purposes and will sell it through our website and partners, as any other cover in our lineup.

In addition to the amount paid by the commissioner minus $150, the artists themselves will receive increased compensation based on sales of the design for the first month (close to the full net margin). This is to motivate them to draw a character they otherwise might not have much interest in.

If you are interested in this program, please contact our support e-mail or poke hrothtopus on Discord for further information.

  • The character!
  • Clothing requests
  • Example poses from other works
  • Possible facial expressions
  • 2x All Ages version of the cover
  • 2x R-18+ version of the cover
  • The original source files of the artwork
  • And a cute keychain, which may or may not be related to octopi