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Welcome to Cuddly Octopus!

For all of your cuddly needs.

Welcome to Cuddly Octopus, a western dakimakura circle aimed at the international market.

Largely, the western dakimakura market has been dominated by bootleggers who steal images from artists and print covers without their permission. The goal of our store since the beginning has been to tackle this issue by bringing you reasonably priced dakimakura covers while directly supporting the original artists.

Our original covers are printed and shipped from China at the start of each month. 

Founded over a year ago, we hope you have enjoyed the many new products we've offered drawn by many talented artists from around the world. It is our goal to bring you many more years of stunning artwork from more amazing artists!

Thank you for all of your support!

– The Cuddly Octopus Team

Latest Products

July 2017 Update

Shimakaze & Amatsukaze

Araragi Tsukihi


Kaname Madoka

Akemi Homura


Due to a termination of our PayPal account, we've temporarily switched all payment processing to Stripe.
Unfortunately, this means all of the less-than-safe versions of our covers are unavailable for ordering directly from our site. However, if you leave a note during the checkout process detailing your custom order request, we will happily oblige. ;) Sakura Palace sales are unaffected by this issue.
R-18カバーを追加したい場合は、購入後にEメールでご連絡ください。 SAKURA-PALACEの販売はこの問題の影響を受けません。 Dismiss