While we try to provide a myriad of variants of our dakimakura designs so that you can choose whatever option best fits who you would like to wake up cuddling every morning—we realize that, sometimes, the perfect cuddle buddy just isn’t in a variant that we’ve already listed. If you’ve ever thought to yourself while browsing our site, “Man, I love this one side of this design. It would absolutely be the perfect dakimakura cover… if only I could combine and cuddle her with this cute side from that other design!”

Well then, you’ve come to the right product page!

Here, you can checkout with our special “Mix-and-Match” cover design where you can combine two sides (and unfortunately, no moreour research octopi haven’t made the necessary breakthroughs in three-sided dakimakura technology yet) from any of our store’s designs. This means you could do things like mix-and-match the All Ages variant with the R-18 (to get the best of both worlds), or mix-and-match your two favorite characters onto a single cover (because why wouldn’t you want to cuddle both of them at once).

The possibilities to create your perfect dakimakura cover are totally (almost) endless!

“So, what do I need to do to to make my perfect dakimakura cover a reality?”

We’re glad you asked!

If you haven’t noticed yet, each of our designs has a unique number called a “Stock Keeping Unit” (or “SKU” for short) to ensure that we can keep track of our lengthy catalog and deliver the correct cuddly buddies to the right tentacles. It’s a 3 or 4 digit number below the “Add to Cart” button, but above those nifty product categorization tags. This number represents the product variant that you currently have selected. Notice how if you select the “All Ages” variant you get one number, but if you select the “R-18” variant, you get another number? Great! Write down the number of that design you want a side from in the form field below. Oh, but you also need to tell us which side from the variant in question you want us to take. That part is easy, too: the left side of the preview image is always going to be side “A” and the right side will always be side “B.” Put it all together and you’ll have something like 571A and 671B. Or 571B and 672B. Or 571B and 047A. Just provide us whatever combination of codes you want and our highly trained, tentacled associates will take care of the rest.

And if you’d like, here’s a short visual guide on what to look for.

“So, what about mixing partner designs?”

Good question! We ask that you only mix designs amongst the same partner at this time. In other words, mixing an ‘All Ages’ Ironmouse (e.g., P-036A) with a ‘R-18’ Ironmouse (e.g., P-037B) is perfectly acceptable. However, please do not mix, for example, an ‘All Ages’ Ironmouse with a ‘R-18’ Silvervale. Additionally, partner images will usually not show up in the preview section, so please double check that the SKUs you are entering are correct.

If you still have any questions or concerns about the mixing-and-matching process (or about anything, really), feel free to contact us so we can lend you a helping tentacle!

For your convenience, we provide a live preview image of the cover you are configuring. If you find that the preview displayed doesn’t match what you’re attempting to input, please contact our support e-mail for assistance!

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