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Thanks for taking time out of your busy day watching anime to check us out. Allow us to introduce ourselves. We're Cuddly Octopus—the biggest and longest running doujin (i.e. independent), Western-oriented dakimakura circle out there.

Historically, the Western dakimakura market has been dominated by bootleggers who steal images from artists and print covers without their permission. Our store started with the humble goal of tackling this issue by bringing Western customers reasonably priced (and perpetually available) dakimakura covers, all while directly supporting the original artists.

Please feel free to take a look at our catalog of covers! While our catalog might not be as comprehensive as many of those bootleggers (hey, when you actually need to pay for original art it gets expensive and time consuming!), but we hope that across our site you can find at least one design that you like. And hey, even if you don't see something right now, we add new designs at the beginning of every month!

Regardless, thank you for visiting! Oh, and one last thing... we've sent you here and activated our "All Ages" version of the site by default. But if you're the kind of person who likes to see more... risque things, then click the red button below to be taken to the covers we need to place behind the 18禁 curtains.

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