Cuddly Octopus Update – March 2020

Hello again and welcome to the March ’20 Cuddly Octopus update!

I wish we had some great news for you on the production front, but we don’t! One of our printers still hasn’t returned to normal operations yet. They are expected to start again coming month, but only time will tell if their operations actually restart then. Our secondary printer is helping chip away at the current backlog, but most orders from the new year are still sitting in the queue. If you want to be optimistic, the COVID-19 numbers from China suggest that work and operations should start returning to normalcy soon, assuming no unexpected situations arise. Hopefully our little spiky viral friend gives us a moment of respite in these trying times.

While production of our cuddly companions might not have returned, our artists have been diligently working. The current designs are still available on Sakura-Palace for the next couple of days.

Dakimakura Covers

  • Coconut (Nekopara) by KyuriTizu
  • Vanilla (Nekopara) by Nyatrix
  • Chocola (Nekopara) by Nyatrix
  • Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid) by Shadowgrave
  • Crim (Interspecies Reviewers) by Krokobyaka
  • Hood (Azur Lane) by Tsukimaru
  • Nezuko (Kimetsu no Yaiba) by Chintora
  • Enterprise (Azur Lane) by Tony Guisado
  • Akira Sunazuka (Idolmaster) by Sankyaku Tako
  • Honolulu (Azur Lane) by Kanopan

These designs won’t be active on our site until production at our primary factory has resumed and somewhat stabilized.

Most of the designs for upcoming month can be found in our imgur album.

To wrap up, thank you again for your continued support of Cuddly Octopus! We’re sorry that production is such a mess right now, but we’re hoping the world returns to normalcy again soon and your octopi overlords can continue bringing you more cuddly companions.

Until next time!

– The Cuddly Octopus Team