Cuddly Octopus Update – April 2020

Welcome to the April ’20 Cuddly Octopus Update (4th Birthday Ver.)!

Yes, you read that right, it’s our fourth birthday! I’ve said it before on each birthday post and see no reason to break tradition here. We want to offer our warmest thanks to each and every single one of you for your support of Cuddly Octopus over these past one two three four years! We’re constantly amazed and humbled by the growth you’ve helped us achieve and hope to continue forward for many anniversaries to come!

As a celebration for these past four years, this month we’ll be running a special promo where all dakimakura and tapestry designs of our lovely Cuddly Octopus mascot characters will be on sale for $10 off their usual price. Just use promo code “Syrene Birthday Party Time” at checkout to get your cuddly octopi and doggirls and octopidoggirls! (Coupon is only valid once per customer, can only be used to discount 2 items, and limited to the first at least 150 customers. It applies to all OC under the “Cuddly Octopus” tag)

On the production front, we finally have good news to share, too! Our primary printer has returned to normal operations and full-speed production is underway once again. We anticipate everything ordered up to March 31st to ship by the end of April or the start of May. We’re sorry for any inconveniences caused by the delays and appreciate your patience.

Since printing operations have returned to normal, all the items we announced from February, March, and April have been added to our own site, as promised! This is a whole metric octopustonne of covers, so have fun perusing the storefront to see what’s changed.

The only bit of bad news to deliver is that the current COVID-19 scenario has put shipping prices in a state of flux. We’ve had to bump up the price of our flat rate shipping to $9 to account for changes to ePacket’s pricing, and we’ve had to bump the prices of our express shipping by a bit more to cover new EMS/DHL charges, too.

Alright, enough sentimentalizing our birthday. Starting with our April ’20 update, we will be launching 18 new dakimakura covers designs and 2 new tapestries.

Dakimakura Covers

  • Flora (Original) by KyuriTizu
  • Syrene & Kisero (Original) by KyuriTizu
  • Texas (Arknights) by Xo
  • Igurashi Kyoko (Idolmaster) by Sui
  • Pramanix (Arknights) by Shadowgrave
  • Crim (Ishuzoku Reviewers) by Nyatrix
  • Helena (Azur Lane) by Tsukimaru
  • Racing Miku 2020 (Vocaloid) by Bean Sprout
  • Siege (Arknights) by IA
  • Maple (Bofuri) by Ponya
  • Kyaru (Princess Connect) by Ponya
  • Kocho Shinobu (Kimetsu no Yaiba) by Pinchuu
  • Ram (Re: Zero) by Chintora
  • Rem (Re: Zero) by Chintora
  • Mikazuki (Azur Lane) by Ikazu
  • Raphtalia (Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari) by Psyche
  • Akashi (Azur Lane) by Milniiya
  • Nozomi (Love Live) by Renko


  • Flora (Original) by KyuriTizu
  • Syrene & Kisero (Original) by KyuriTizu

Per reddit’s decision to ban us temporarily, we won’t be directly linking you to our store or any of the preview images. However, we will be continuing to update the Imgur album with all of our design previews (just look around for it) and, of course, we hope you all know where to go to visit our storefront at this point.

As usual, the premium P80 2-Way Silkette versions of most of our new designs will be available on Sakura-Palace.

Again, thank you for your continued support of Cuddly Octopus!

Until next time!

– The Cuddly Octopus Team