Cuddly Octopus Update – February 2020

Hello again and welcome to the February ’20 Cuddly Octopus update!

The update is coming quite late this month, as you might have noticed! Perhaps unsurprisingly, our decision to delay this update was due largely to the COVID-19 situation in China obstructing production of our covers.

For those who might be unaware, while we’re used to small delays caused by the Chinese New Year holidays each year at the end of January and early February, the COVID-19 pandemic in China caused the Chinese government to extend the vacation and institute partial lockdowns on several major cities across the country.

What you should take away from all of this is that production is currently somewhat in a state of limbo. One of our two factories is operational again in a limited capacity, but the other will likely remain closed until at least March 9th. Hence, orders from December to now are backlogged significantly, and production may continue to be unstable throughout the near future.

While this is unfortunate, we can do nothing but ask for your patience as things hopefully stabilize in the coming months. Just know that if you place an order right now, we are unable to provide any guaranteed shipping estimates. So set your expectations accordingly!

In slightly less macabre news, while production of our products has been disrupted, our artists certainly haven’t! In February, we launched 12 new dakimakura covers designs.

Dakimakura Covers

  • Morrigan (Darkstalkers) by KyuriTizu
  • Ryza (Atelier) by Brora
  • Yoshino (Date a live) by Amo
  • Ishtar (Fate Series) by Shadowgrave
  • Formidable (Azur Lane) by Bean Sprout
  • Neptune (Hyperdimension Neptunia) by Tsukimaru
  • Noire (Hyperdimension Neptunia) by Tsukimaru
  • Kozue Yusa (Idolmaster) by Sui
  • Lulu (League of Legends) by Ikazu
  • Katya (Original) by Popolocroits
  • Jeanne Alter (Fate Series) by NDGD
  • Myrhh (Fire Emblem) by Blackmachoo

These designs won’t be active on our site until production at our main factory has resumed and somewhat stabilized. However, these designs ARE currently available from our partners at Sakura-Palace. The order window for these designs printed on P80 2-Way Silkette will last a few more days, so if you would like to buy the premium version of any of our new covers this month, act quickly!

Also, as a small update to our commissioning program we launched last month, Sui and Ikazu will be joining the list of commissionable artists.

Finally, we’ve got some plans for a new cute plushy and tapestry based on one of our newest original character designs! We hope you find them as cute as we do!

To wrap up, thank you again for your continued support of Cuddly Octopus! We’re sorry that production is such a mess right now, but we’re hoping the world returns to normalcy again soon and your octopi overlords can continue bringing you more cuddly companions.

Until next time!

– The Cuddly Octopus Team