Cuddly Octopus Update – December 2017


Starting this month, we will move our order period from 21st -> 20th to the 1st -> last day of the month. This change will hopefully cut down on the confusion regarding when each order period runs and ends. All orders made from the 21st to the 30th of November will be added to the previous (November) order period.

Onto the normal part of our monthly update! This month, we’re updating our store with the following nine designs:

Disclaimer: The lines and octopodes on the sample images are a watermark and won’t be on the printed cover.

You can also view all of the designs from our store in this Imgur album. And, of course, you can purchase all of our designs from our storefront!

The premium P80 2-Way Roika versions of most of our new character designs from this month will be available for pre-order on Sakura-Palace. We will also offer the All Ages versions of Chloe, Mahira, and Shuten & Ibaraki, in addition to their R-18 counterparts.

As usual, we also have a lot of projects in the pipeline. Right now, we can announce the following work is currently in progress: