Cuddly Octopus Update – September 2017


Not a lot of news this month besides a healthy number of new designs! The only thing we want to announce today is that we have decided to adjust the estimated shipping window from the 15th to 20th of each month to the 20th to 25th. While most of our orders are completed and sent before the 20th of each month, orders that end up with products that fail our quality control process take slightly longer, due to the requisite reprinting. Really, this update is just in the vein of expectation management and doesn’t represent any changes on our end. Moving on to the fun stuff…

This month, we are updating our store with the following eight designs:

Disclaimer: The lines and octopodes on the sample images are a watermark and won’t be on the printed cover.

All of the designs in our store can also be viewed in this imgur album.

And, of course, you can purchase all of our designs from our storefront!

Additionally, the premium P80 2-Way Roika versions of most of our new character designs from this month will be available for pre-order on Sakura-Palace. We will also being offering the All Ages versions of Elizabeth, Aoba, and Orchid, in addition to their R-18 counterparts. We are also doing a re-print of shuffle’s Jibril and Brora’s Tamamo for those who might have missed out on their original runs!

Per usual, we have a lot of projects upcoming that we hope you’ll enjoy. Currently, we can announce the following artists are working on these projects:

As always, thanks for your continued support of Cuddly Octopus.

– The Cuddly Octopus Team