Cuddly Octopus Update – September 2016


This month, we are updating our store with the following four designs:

Each one is now available for ordering from our shop!

Upcoming, KyuriTizu will work on Oshino Shinobu(Monogatari Series), Felix Argyle(Re:Zero) , and Inubashiri Momiji & Shameimaru Aya(Touhou Project).

sunshine is still working on Matsushima Michiru(Grisaia Series) – Sketch, while Nyatrix began work on Mimi Pearlbaton(Re:Zero) – Sketch. We expect both Michiru and Mimi to be finished in the coming month.

butter is still working on CamilliaSketchand is progressing slowly.

Finally, Ray is still working on Riko(Love Live! Sunshine!!) – Sketch.

Don’t forget to occasionally check the “News” section on our site as we will be updating it with new sketches as they become available.

As always, thank you for continued support of Cuddly Octopus!

– The Cuddly Octopus Team